Daily Pop Crosswords May 28 2018 Answers

Below you will be able to see all the answers, cheats and solutions for Daily Pop Crosswords May 28 2018 Answers.. This is a new crossword type of game developed by PuzzleNation which are quite popular in the trivia-app industry! In case you are looking for today’s Daily Pop Crosswords Answers look no further because we have just finished posting them and we have listed them below:

Crossword Pop May 28 2018 Answers

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  1. Survivor TV network
  2. Rotary phone part
  3. Pats softly
  4. Decompose
  5. Actress Stone who won an Oscar for 7-Down
  6. High-end German car
  7. Actress Gasteyer of People of Earth
  8. Implement used by Bob the Builder
  9. Country once called Persia
  10. MasterChef judge hosts Hell’s Kitchen (2 wds.)
  11. Surfboard applocation
  12. Sam Smith’s __ Me Down
  13. Australian gemstone
  14. ABC’s How to Get __ with Murder
  15. Future flower
  16. MasterChef judge who is head chef at Momofuku Milk Bar (2 wds.)
  17. ___ the season to be jolly …
  18. Just messin’ with ya! (2 wds.)
  19. Actor Baldwin of Chuck and Firefly
  20. Actress Larter of Varsity Blues
  21. ___ and the Family Stone (Everyday People band)
  22. MasterChef judge who is also a regular Chopped judge (2 wds.)
  23. Punch really hard
  24. Red ___ Cup (Toby Keith hit song)
  25. Sense of self
  26. Dorothy Gale’s dog
  27. Smell
  28. In the past
  29. Jazz musician RedBone who sang the Mr. Belvedere theme song
  30. Six Feet Under brother
  31. Actor Selleck of Blue Bloods


  1. Jagged rock
  2. U2’s lead singer
  3. Sci-fi film franchise featuring Han Solo and Princess Leia (2 wds.)
  4. Do a juice cleanse say
  5. ___ Fire (1985 Bruce Springsteen hit song) (2 wds.)
  6. Spanish for love
  7. 2016 movie musical nominated for a record-tying 14 Oscars (3 wds.)
  8. Actress Ridley of 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express
  9. Psychic emanation
  10. Type of party with a cake familiarly
  11. Moral wrongdoing
  12. Surrealist painter Salvador
  13. Life of the Party actress Rudolph
  14. Month before Novemebre (Abbr.)
  15. ___ Beta Kappa
  16. Actor Rowan who plays Mr. Bean
  17. Super Mario Galaxy gaming console
  18. 1981 thriller starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner (2 wds.)
  19. Miracle on Ice hockey team (Abbr.)
  20. Not very bright
  21. Farm storage tower
  22. Bath powder mineral
  23. Noble gas used in incandescent light bulbs
  24. Noise from a sleeper
  25. Mother Nature’s burn balm
  26. Car Talk topic
  27. Soft drink
  28. Tons (2 wds.)
  29. Kellogg’s frozen waffle brand
  30. Speed (by)
  31. Missouri city on the Mississipppi (Abbr.)