Puzzlescapes Daily Challenge

Puzzlescapes Daily Challenge. “Puzzlescapes: Relaxing Word” is a brain puzzle game that is built and created in the best way possible. In this game you have the chance to explore thousands of levels while mastering your skills and enjoying the beautiful gallery of animals. The best part about the game is that it offers a daily challenge which gives you an extra opportunity to earn rewards by collecting power-ups and coins. The daily challenges present fresh perspectives of the game that help you warm up while getting rewards.You can make the Puzzlescapes Daily challenge part of your routine and you will see amazing outcomes about your brainpower, vocabulary and word puzzle game skills. Have fun!

Puzzlescapes Daily Challenge


What makes the game even more interesting is finding animal. You basically collect jigsaw puzzle pieces during the came and once you complete the puzzles, you get adorable animals.

The developers haven’t forgotten about daily rewards neither. If you play Puzzlescapes daily, there are power-ups and coins waiting for you.

The game loves your device, and that means:

  • Its download size is small
  • It goes easy on your battery
  • And there is no need for an internet connection

Boost your brainpower by playing this amazing word game.