Word Villas Level 401 Answers

Different from other word games, Word Villas has a story to tell. It is about a young girl whose heart was broken so she decided to leave the messy urban life and give herself a long vacation. In this new place she goes, Rachel is surrounded by sunshine, a beach and her best friends. With your help, Rachel will build and operate a holiday resort and also marry her true love.

The game is so fun to play; you have to complete the vertical and horizontal puzzles by connecting the given letters. There are lots of levels and among them you’ll encounter very difficult ones. Even though the word puzzles will keep you sharp and interested, that’s not all the game has to offer. You will also get engaged with cool home decoration. There’s a huge amount of choices in furniture, and apartment style, so by creating your own home you can test your skills as an interior designer.

There are more than 30 NPCs in Word Villas and you can make friends all of them. Each has their own storyline. We personally love the white plump cat. Its facial expressions are unique.

Word Villas has an optimized user interface and the visuals are just awesome. It’s a promising game that won’t let you get bored. It will keep you engaged with word hunting, designing and following the story.

Word Villas Level 401 Answers

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