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Puzzle Page Daily Wordy (November 30 2023) Answer

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HINT: Use the given hints below and try to guess the word before revealing the correct answer.

1. The first letter of the answer is: C


2. The last letter of the answer is: E


3. There are 2 vowels in the hidden word:





In its natural state; not cooked or prepared by fire or heat; undressed; not altered, refined, or prepared for use by any artificial process; raw; as, crude flesh.
Unripe; not mature or perfect; immature.
Not reduced to order or form; unfinished; not arranged or prepared; ill-considered; immature.
Undigested; unconcocted; not brought into a form to give nourishment.
Having, or displaying, superficial and undigested knowledge; without culture or profundity; as, a crude reasoner.
Harsh and offensive, as a color; tawdry or in bad taste, as a combination of colors, or any design or work of art.

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